Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dear_________________, ( fill in the blank)


You post on your facebook that you can not believe "someone" would not work on their marriage and "throw it away" and you would never do that....Should I write on my facebook about the issues you struggle with? over eating, pride, anger, gossip......

You put down the contemporary music I listen to and state that Contemporary Christian singers are not saved and yet in the same breath you tell me how you hear my radio commercial over and over again that is played on the local rock station?

You tell the world through tweets and facebook how thankful you are for the prayers for you over the year and how you couldn't have made it through without your friends and yet when you see me in the store you turn and look the other way as you pass me?

When you are with your "group" of friends, you won't talk to me but about me, and then when your by yourself you wonder why I won't talk to you??

You think you can parent my kids better than me  when you really have no idea what goes on in my house, the prayers we pray, the conversations we have and how often we talk about living a life for God. 

Well, ____________, God is with me and loves me, I am His child just as you are.  I am given grace and mercy daily just as you are, I am showered with His love and blessings, He looks on me with love and has surrounded me with joy, laughter and a support system I could never imagine possible.  When I fall He picks me up, When I am down His word encourages me. GOD LOVES ME, all of me, with my struggles my failures He loves me.  So shed your hate, shed your self pride, shed your gossip in the form of prayer requests, stop making assumptions, use your facebook to encourage  and lift up  the hurting, Tweet a bible verse or word of encouragement to help someone grow, realize God  works in many ways praise Him for working in yours as well as others and read through the gospels on all the people he loved and how he worked in their lives.

The person you are judging

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